Did you know a whopping 89% of consumer media time is spent on mobile apps?

If you don’t have a mobile app for your catalog, you’re missing a lot of one-on-one time with your customers. However, simply having an app isn’t enough. While it may sound obvious, a host of simple issues — from inaccessibility to a lack of engaging features — can put a damper on your mobile app’s success.

A successful mobile app for your catalog can unlock new customer interactions, encourage sales growth, and provide valuable data about your readers’ preferences and shopping methods. It’s worth your time to make your app worthwhile!

Here are five questions to ask to find out if your catalog’s mobile app is up to par:

  1. Is it engaging? Your mobile catalog is an opportunity to put the “fun” back into “functionality”: With the right mix of interactive features, you can engage your customers in ways that aren’t possible through traditional catalogs. Audio, visual, and interactive enhancements not only make an app more interesting, but they also encourage your customers to be more interactive.
  2. Is it successful? Make sure you have a way to easily measure how your app is being used. Back-end analytics should track users’ unique digital footprints and relay that information to you in a quick, straightforward way, so you can put this valuable data to use in your daily decision-making processes.
  3. Is it unique? A customized, well-branded app icon catches customers’ eyes and sets you apart, both in the app store and on their screens.
  4. Is it functional? Your mobile app needs to be easy to access and use on a variety of platforms and mobile devices — not just including Apple® products, but Androids and Kindles as well.
  5. Is it marketable? Even the best app isn’t going to see success if your customers can’t find it! Make sure your app is available to customers through Apple® Store and Android Market, and prominently marketed in your print catalog. And it’s vital for your mobile app to promote your print catalog as well — push notifications will remind your readers every time your catalog is printed.

So, how does your mobile app measure up? If the answer to any of these questions is “No,” then it may be time to get in touch with The Dingley Press. With TDP Mobile Apps, we can help you turn your catalog into a cutting-edge application that’s always at your customers’ fingertips. Now that’s an app worth loving!