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The Big Benefits of Facebook Ad Marketing

It’s no secret that Facebook is by far the largest social media platform on the web. A whopping 1.56 billion active users log onto Facebook every day and the social giant continues to expand and dominate in ways that make it a viable platform for both B2C and B2B brands.

This is especially the case with Facebook advertising. In fact, HootSuite shares that the average user clicks on 11 ads per month, or once every three days. Also, the number of ad impressions has increased by 33% while pricing continues to go down for ads. Finally, the potential reach of advertising for Facebook is a nice 1.9 billion!

So, Facebook advertising is certainly a win for businesses. But how do you publish ads in a way that fosters engagement and creates a win-win for everyone?

You see, ads don’t work unless it elicits a response from your ideal buyer. Additionally, Facebook users are technically not logging on to be sold to (psst: they’d preferred to be entertained!).

That’s the goal of this post; to show you how to message your ads so they’re enjoyable, produce engagement and, ultimately, drives results.

Helpful Tips before Diving In

There are a few quick points we’d like to preference that important to know as you start crafting your ads:

  • If it reads like an ad, scratch it! Again, the goal is not to advertise. We want to be entertaining as well as share value and offer solutions.
  • Put your personality in it. You’ll make a better connection and better humanize your brand.
  • Never say “comment below” to get users to engage. This is deemed as likebait posts and Facebook hates this tactic.
  • Focus on valuable content that are beneficial to your readers, not promotional or spammy

Now, check out these five steps to creating an engaging Facebook ad to get in front of new audiences and increase brand exposure:

#1 Focus (and Be Clear) on Your Ideal Audience

Having clarity of your audience is essential to creating posts that stand out and attracts your ideal customer. Your messaging will be crisp and super effective because your aim is to engage that one buyer.

Regardless of the type of Facebook ad, being clear is key to creating great content and reaching the right user.

Struggling with identifying who your target audience is? Here’s an amazing resource that will help you clarify your dream customer and understand their needs so you can give them exactly what they want in your content…and, in this case, your ad messaging!

#2 Highlight the Benefits

“What’s in it for me?” is what every user is subconsciously wondering as they’re scrolling through their newsfeed.

How does this help me?

How does this solve my problem?

Is it something even I can do?

So your Facebook ad must call out the benefits–and the benefits of the benefits–to truly capture attention. This may mean highlighting the feelings that your customers will experience as a result of using your product or service, whatever that may be.

For example, one of the advantages of your weight-loss product is, of course, weight loss. But what’s the benefit of that? More energy; being able to wear your favorite pair of jeans again; increased productivity; more zest for life.

Going deeper in your messaging by helping your customers imagine how these benefits truly impact their life will have greater meaning and responses.

#3 Tell Stories

Ever heard the saying, “facts tell, stories sell”? In other words, if you want to sway buyers to your products or services, it’s better to share a story than spotlight features and specs.

You see, stories allow you to build an emotional connection with your fans and makes you relatable. Storytelling has always played a key role in successful marketing.

Write your entire story in the ad

With that said, Buffer suggests you can simply create a longer Facebook post (or ad) that shares the story. Even though studies reveal that shorter posts have higher clickthrough rates, longer ones receive more “other clicks” like clicking on “See More.”

This means that, perhaps, users got what they needed from the post as opposed to clicking on a link. This is huge if engagement and brand awareness is part of your strategy.

engaging facebook ad

#4 Share Social Proof

Highlighting your existing customer’s results is an excellent way to build trust and credibility while garnering conversations with your post.

Another powerful form of storytelling, testimonials are powerful in showing that your brand is working for other people. This is why reviews are so compelling!

So sharing social proof should definitely be in the mix. Here are a few ways to leverage social proof and get better results from your ad campaigns:

  • When using a customer’s review, refrain from using the word “review” in the ad as it comes across too salesy. In fact, ads including the word don’t perform as well
  • Keep in mind that people want to read about real experiences, so, “free shipping” may not be a selling point on social media. Instead, focus on user content that shares how a customer felt or life was changed as a result of your product.
  • Focus on product reviews for new, first time visitors then leverage your site reviews for re-targeting
  • Ensure the ad still captures your tone and messaging style to maintain that consistent voice

#5 Video Ads!

Without a doubt, Facebook video ads are one of the most effective advertising formats for businesses and marketers. It garners all of the advantages of video and more; shows off your brand’s personality, gets users to take action, increases sales, makes you memorable and performs better.

You can leverage this complete guide to setting up a Facebook video ad campaign but use these suggestions as you’re crafting your video:

  • Use a compelling video. Ensure that it’s captivating and connects with your audience. You can always leverage a freelancer on sites like Fiverr to get the job done.
  • Be sure there’s a call to action. What do you want the viewer to do next? Whether it’s to engage in the conversation or click on a link, ensure it’s clear in the video.
  • Give value. Even if your user takes no action, be sure that they’re learning something powerful, keeping your brand top of mind
  • Have fun with it! Allow it to express your brand personality and voice.

engaging facebook ad


Facebook advertising can drive killer results for your business. It’s the cheapest form of advertising, creates excellent exposure, and converts when executed properly. The key is publishing engaging posts that creates…well, engagement!

Use this checklist to better optimize your Facebook ads. Be sure to test your outcomes to improve your results over time. Through consistency, you’ll find users checking out your page, joining the conversations around your brand, and buying your stuff.

Much success!